Short interviev from PGA 2017. We present a short film in Polish about the game itself, the process of creating and feeling after the PGA 2017!

Soon, sponsored by the Indie Games Poland fundation, we’re heading to Cologne for the biggest European gaming fairs – Gamescom (22-26.08)! You’ll have a chance to personally embody the Wanderer and experience the atmosphere of his dark world.

We’ve been creating Motion Capture with the 3.0 MMC Brainville Technology Park team! Many thanks to the crew, Katarzyna Pośpiech and Mateusz Paszkiewicz for a professional cooperation! 🙂

Sometimes we walk straight ahead, sometimes we weave our steps. Climbing up and rolling down. Wobbling, stumbling, falling and picking ourselves up. We pass all manner of forks and chasms. Often unaware of how thin the ice was and how narrow the road we traveled. We walk with a smile. Or at least with a smirk dancing in the corner of our lips. And there isn’t anything strange about it, everyone wants to be happy. The search for happiness propels our existence. Whatever form may it take. Besides, the world is…Continue Reading “Life is a road we follow each day.”